Imposing Sights and Magnificent Attractions Will Really Impress You
Alghero’s rare combination of natural beauties and human achievements can make even the most demanding visitors feel completely satisfied and eager to discover more about this place. The landscape of the area and the multi-cultural architecture are obviously the details that can take your breath away. Below, you may find a point of interest that suits you and deserves a visit.

The diverse coastline of Alghero literally offers some awesome places for you to visit, with the Neptune's Grotto being considered as the most impressive of them all. It is about a stalactite cave that became a popular tourist attraction after its discovery from local fisherman in the 18th century. It was also used as a film set for several science fiction movies, due to its lunar-like surroundings. Furthermore, Mother Nature offers more imposing landscapes worth for a visit, such as the Capo Caccia Vertical Cliffs and the Porto Conte Island. Both give the impressions that are fighting with the waves, creating a spectacular performance. On the other hand, human achievements equally vie natural beauties. The Torre del Portal Alghero (Tower of the Portal to Alghero) is the main sight of the town, combining history and leisure in its paved streets, its stocky walls and its lovely shopping area, all next to the sea. Towers hold significant position in local history, since they were the major defending structures from several conquerors and pirates. Tower dell'Esperò Reial and Torre di San Giovanni are two alternative options to meet Alghero’s mentality and community’s frame of mind, while Alghero Aquarium could offer you useful information about the local ecosystem and the Mediterranean Sea environment.

Choose some of the attractions above and give yourself another dimension of feelings, understanding the town’s temperament. After all, such a historic place deserves your attention!
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