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Regular visitors to Sardinia Hotel know this well those that return faithfully to this beautiful island year after year… It was thus that David Herbert Lawrence, when speaking of Sardinia, described it as a land that does not resemble any other place, one that is like freedom itself.

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An ancient land, full of natural and artistic beauty, Sardinia reveals something new with every glance. It conquers its tourists with an almost supernatural power.

Sardinia is a journey in the broadest sense of the word. It is a journey that is at the same time gastronomic, cultural, naturalistic, archaeological, anthropological, as well as being fun, involving and carefree. Of all the Hotel Sardinia, those located along the Alghero coastline provide sea-lovers with something extra: this Sardinian town, known as Barceloneta (little Italian Barcelona), owes its name to the sea, and specifically to the marine algae found on the sea bottom, together with the valuable red coral.

The special attention we pay to the restaurant service offered provides the true and confirmed strong point of the Punta Negra Hotel.

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Address: Regione Punta Negra C.P. 24, Alghero Sassari, Italy , 07041
Tel: +39 079 930222 / +39 079 930224 , Fax: +39 079 930642

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